• Using a Write Once, Deploy Everywhere Language,
    which is designed to help novice developers be expert, and expert developers to be more productive.
    The AU language is Automatic Coding reimagined to deliver brilliant results, everytime.
    It writes the Code you would have written, if you were proficient in all stacks needed to build your application.
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  • We support many different languages and technology stacks out of the box.
    On-time in Full Delivery, Designed for the needs of Business
    An easy to learn language, built by Developers for Developers
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  • We can provide dedicated AU resources to allow you to take full advantage of AU
    The Aucoda AU Team are trained Developers, Business Analysts,
    Testers and Project Managers ready to work on your business problems.
    The team have successfully completed many large scale projects for a number of blue chip clients
    and we typically deliver projects in 25% of the time of other Professional Services Teams.
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AU Writes:

AU Write Once, Deploy Everywhere Language

Increase the productivity of developers and decrease the amount they have to code and learn
to deliver a complete application. AU automatically builds code for you, in any language
and target environment. Build for: Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.
Using an online integrated development environment, the AU Shell.